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Samsung and the Galaxy S22 Ultra win Manufacturer and Phone of the Year awards

Samsung won Phone and Manufacturer of the year at the 2022 Mobile Industry Awards. Held in London on September 22, Samsung won Phone and Manufacturer of the year. While the Galaxy S22 Ultra was named the Phone of the Year. The Motorola and Oppo smartphone brands came in second.

Samsung Phone Manufacturer of the year

Samsung won the title of “Smartphone Manufacturer of the Year” due to its extensive selection of devices for both business and non-business clients. As well as its track record of superior customer care and support.
The Mobile Industry Awards took into account several factors and gave prizes to businesses that showed outstanding performance in marketing. And sales as well as those that provided superb goods to loyal customers and business partners.
The Galaxy S22 Ultra outperforms all other smartphones.
The Galaxy S22 Ultra was once again chosen as the Phone of the Year at the Mobile Industry Awards 2022 because it satisfied a number of requirements. The finest phone needs to have amazing specs and features that appeal to a wide range of users in addition to having a good appearance. This is likely the reason why Samsung’s foldable phones haven’t made the list yet the Galaxy S22 Ultra has. Despite how intriguing Samsung’s foldable phones are. But not as many people are interested in them as they are in the Galaxy S flagship lineup (yet).

Top 10 Runner up

It’s important to note that the judges’ panel considered mobile devices that were available for purchase between October 1, 2021, and July 30, 2022. The iPhone 13, the Google Pixel 6, the Motorola Edge 20 Pro, the OnePlus 10 Pro, the Oppo Find X5 Pro, the Realme GT 2, the Sony Xperia 1 IV, and the Xiaomi Mi 11 were among the 10 finalists before the Galaxy S22 Ultra was chosen.

Alongside two other smartphone models. The other being the Galaxy A53—Samsung was the only manufacturer to rank among the top ten. Due to the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s superior price-to-spec ratio. In addition to usability, design, features, services, and financial and commercial success, it was picked over all other smartphones.

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