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How to make money on Audible

Do you know you can make money on audible and generate active income as an author, content creator, or affiliate marketer using the following methods?

What is audible

Audible is Amazon’s audiobook distribution channel. You can download thousands of titles and listen to them on phones, laptops, tablets, and other devices.

With the help of Audible, you can monetize your podcasts and audiobooks. The platform, which is owned by Amazon, includes more than 3 million audiobook titles, including both recent releases and well-known classics.
In actuality, Audible is the biggest audiobook producer in the world. With more skilled and famous narrators and special features than other audiobook distributors like Google Play and iTunes, audio has consumers returning to the platform on a regular basis.

Can You Really Make Money on Audible?

It is feasible to profit from Audible, yes. Even while audiobook royalties aren’t quite as high as what eBook royalties are in percentage terms, if you employ the appropriate method, you can still make a respectable living.
The platform provides a number of income-generating options, and anyone may use any or all of them to generate a reliable income for themselves, whether they are a writer, artist, or just an average person looking to earn some extra cash.

You must have an Amazon account, but it need not be a Prime account; a standard account will do. Mobile users can download an app their various App stores.

How much can you make on Audible?

Naturally, the amount of labor you put in and how well you prepare and implement your approach will determine how much money you make.
Making money on Audible will need a lot of effort, just like with any other online business, and you might have to put in a lot of work before you start seeing profits.

How to make money on Audible

The simplest way to make money on Audible is to create an audiobook. The Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX), an Amazon-owned self-publishing platform, will guide you through the procedure step-by-step.

Decide first whether you want to narrate your manuscript yourself or hire a pro to do it. Before creating an audiobook, keep the following four things in mind:

  • Skill: Can you narrate your book using the appropriate inflections and a pleasant accent? Do you have the endurance to read aloud for long periods of time?
  • Equipment: Unfortunately, your iPhone will fall short. To create an audiobook, you will want professional-grade recording equipment. Consider recording software, shock mounts, pop filters, microphones, and workplace soundproofing supplies.
    Technology prerequisites There are submission requirements for the ACX’s audiobooks. These cover a wide range, from limitations on file types and decibel levels to the permitted levels of distortion in recordings.
  • Print: Hiring a professional narrator will cost money, but it can be less expensive than using your own resources like time, effort, and equipment.

The next step is to upload your audiobook when it has been recorded. Fortunately, ACX makes it simple: It will guide you step-by-step while allowing you to select distribution arrangements, submit cover art, and advertise using your preferred keywords.

Keep in mind that before creating an audiobook version of your book, you must first publish the print or digital edition. You will be prompted by ACX’s automated process to “claim” a title that must already be in Amazon’s database.

Be a narrator for audiobooks

You don’t have to write fiction or non-fiction to earn money through Audible. You might narrate works by authors instead.

You’ll begin by setting up a “narrator profile” on Audible’s audiobook self-publishing platform, Audiobook Creation Exchange (ACX).

Your profile serves as your resume for authors wishing to hire, and it’s free. You can describe your professional background, provide work examples and demos, and submit audio audition clips for different projects.

There are three different ways that a professional narrator might earn money on Audible:

  • Per-Finished-Hour (PFH): This is a flat rate charge determine on the length of the audiobook. If you charge $100 PFH for an audiobook, for instance, and it ends up being nine hours long, your price will total $900. Keep in mind that it typically takes two or three times as long to record, clean, edit, and prepare your sound files for distribution as the stated duration.
  • Royalty Share: This option allows authors to pay little to no PFH expenses in return for giving their narrator a portion of the book’s revenues for a predetermined period of time. Sales on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon may generate royalties.
    Royalty Share Plus is a combination of the first two strategies.
  • Royalty Share Plus: Royalty share is a combination of the first two strategies. Authors provide a lesser percentage of royalties and pay a lower PFH rate. For authors and narrators who want to make a concession regarding the “pay now, pay later” format, it may be a viable choice.

An equal 20%–40% of the royalties are divided between the author and the narrator under Audible’s Royalty Share and Royalty Share Plus programs.

Whether the author selected exclusive or non-exclusive distribution rights through Amazon and its affiliates will determine the percentage. More royalties result from granting them exclusive rights.

Over time, you can send an email to Audible asking to be approved as an Audible Approved Producer. This will set you apart from amateurs and increase your visibility among authors who are looking to hire.

In the end, ACX can be a terrific place to start if you’re wondering how to be paid to narrate audiobooks. It is accessible to everyone, including those with no prior expertise. And it will allow you to develop your skills while earning money.

Additionally, you can choose whether fixed upfront costs or possibly higher royalty payments are more appealing to you.

Become an Affiliate marketer for Audible

You might be wondering how Audible generates revenue. They use affiliate marketing in addition to selling distribution deals and deducting a portion of revenues.

Businesses utilize affiliate marketing to promote their goods and services. An affiliate marketer is a person or website that advertises for a business. In return, the business pays the affiliate a commission for each click, sale, or sign-up the affiliate generates.

The affiliate program for Audible runs on recommendations. In other words, you use a special promotional link to refer new users to Audible. And if they join up, you get paid.

The Audible Creator Program gives $15 for each recommendation and a free ebook to every new customer.

You must sign up for the Audible Affiliate Program. Then create promotional links, and distribute them to others in order to get started.

Sell Audible goods/services

If you’re wondering how to earn money from Amazon Audible without being a narrator. Through their Amazon Associates Program, you can sell Audible goods and services and profit on the sale of those items.

Through your unique promotional links, you can generate income through the Amazon Associates Program for any sale or trial that results. Similar to their affiliate program, but with a variety of ways to make money and different payments for each.

For instance, you would receive $5 if someone signed up for a free 30-day trial. You receive $10 whenever a website visitor joins Audible’s premium, paid membership plan.

A la carte (ALC) sales are one more approach to earn money. These are modest, independent sales where a customer buys an Audible book without being a member. Although they only have a $0.50 value each, they might pile up over time.

If you want to earn money through Audible without producing any of the content yourself, the Amazon Associates Program can be a great option.

It is not necessary for you to produce any ebooks or audiobooks. You merely promote Audible through any networks, forums, or fan communities you already have, earning commissions from a service driven by your social networks.

You have to wait 20sec.

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