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Wincher SEO tracking tool

What is Wincher

Wincher is an SEO rank tracking tool that enables you to keep track of where your website is in the SERPs for particular keywords, identifies frequent errors that lower your URLs’ search engine rankings, and provides intelligent keyword ideas.

What does Wincher do

Rank tracker

It’s crucial to keep an eye on your website’s rankings in local search engine results pages (SERP) if you run a local business or blog. Wincher enables you to monitor your performance across google SERP’s page, and website ranking position in the search results. For now, it’s more than adequate for bloggers and owners of small businesses.

Keyword research tool

In addition to being a keyword rank tracker, it also contains keyword research functions that can assist you focus on keyword phrases for various variables when optimizing your website.

So let me be clear that Wincher is primarily a keyword tracking tool before we examine its keyword research tool. Comparing Wincher to other programs like SEMrush that provide more in-depth functionality to support your SEO efforts is unfair.

But, you can locate relevant terms and keyword ideas with their simple tool.

On page SEO tool

Wincher’s on-page SEO checker, in addition to the keyword research tool, enables you to assess how well your website is optimized for a given term. Wincher rates you and offers a thorough list of recommendations for resolving the problems and improving your ranking.

This is a fantastic approach to assist you in optimizing your content for the search terms you’re attempting to rank it for. The reason they don’t appear higher on SERPs is no longer a mystery!

On- demand date update

Every 24 hours, Wincher updates all the data without making any exceptions. Yet, Google Rankings can alter extremely quickly. Sometimes you need the updated ranking position to react as swiftly as possible in other to improve the particular keyword. You can manually update the positions with Wincher.

For instance, you may have updated a blog post or a certain page on your website within the past day and want to check to see if its ranking for a particular keyword has improved. You may do it at any time and anyplace using Wincher!

Competitor tracking and automated alerts

You can track your competitors’ performance for the same keywords you are ranking for using Wincher’s Competitors function. Based on their typical ranking and search volume, it also displays the traffic generated by your rivals for the relevant keywords.

At this point, you can gather information about your rivals and how to outwit, if not outrank, them.

For instance, should you generate content aimed at fresh keywords rather than establishing links on some of your pages to rank higher than your rivals? The information Wincher compiles for you determines the answer to these questions!

A WordPress plug-in

You can get its WordPress plugin if you manage a WordPress website. Even with the free edition, you may track and monitor up to 10 keywords and receive similar keywords to rank for.

But, a paid subscription enables you track unlimited keywords and up to 5 years of ranking history (instead of 7 days for free users).


Wincher offers different plans from starters, business and enterprise depending on your need. You can check here to see full list of price.

Wincher pricing


Wincher is tool for tracking your SEO rank that lets you keep tabs on how you’re doing across Google’s SERPs page. It is keyword rank tracker, keyword research tool, and on-page SEO checker that enables you to determine how well your website’s SEO performance is. It has different plans to suit your needs. So far, the tool has received positive remarks and is definitely worth it.

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