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What you don’t know about Forsage smart contracts


Forsage is a smart contract built on a MLM(multi level marketing) strategy using ethereum blockchain as payment system.  Forsage ethereum smart contract was built to the advantage of the owner[who is unknown] and wise ones. Most people mix up forsage and ethereum as an investment. Ethereum is a huge investment and 6 years from now the coin may be close to $5000. Forsage is not an investment platform and will never be an investment even 2 years from now.

Some say that Forsage can never be manipulated; it has no admin controlling it. So the question is who created it? The ID1 in Forsage surely belongs to the person who started it. If you do your research well, you will find out the number of referrals he or she has is not showing on the dashboard, meanwhile, ID3 ID9 ID800 ID1111 the numbers of referrals they are having is showing. Even the ID1111 who doesn’t have a referral you could see the zero [0]. Why is it like this?

Forsage is not a platform that generates ethereum.

Forsage is just a referral platform where the money is made only by referring. A lot has been said about it that “money can be made without referring a single soul and you make the money or ethereum from spillover and overflow”. These two things come to play only if your down line and up line keeps on referring but when they stop working you get stuck. Do you still think it is an investment?

Let about talk about “upgrading” on this platform. When a person upgrades, the ether goes to the up line which means on the long-run money is been moved to the person who started it.

On the positive side, this has a good effect on the crypto market. In what way? A scheme like forsage and others drives the price of the bitcoin market. The price of the crypto market drives up because of the increase in demand this brings in bitcoin dominance which happens in 2017.But I’m not here to talk about that.

Our focus for writing this article  is to enlighten people because many people are looking for fast money.

Just imagine someone refers 100 persons to join a scheme and $5000 was made within 3 months. Someone who is greedy hears about this, he/she won’t do any research at all because their focus is on the fast money they are to make.

During the lockdown, someone joined this scheme, referred about 3 to 4 people. After thinking about this, we found out that Forsage was built on the interest of the owner and the wise ones. And at the long run when the owner achieves his or her target or money stop rolling in, and the scheme will be closed. Those who are lucky and still have their money at hand and are yet to upgrade goes home with the big bag.

About 2 to 3 month ago, the cost to join was about 10$ but currently, the cost is 20$.

Remember that with this money, food can be stocked in an average man’s home. And the price will keep on driving up because of the demand. To those who are yet to join or thinking of joining. Please use your money wisely and those who are on the train make sure you go home with the big bag.

Forsage is not an investment history repeating itself. There is a lot of schemes that came out in 2017. And these schemes  drive the price of the crypto market up today but ask yourself “where are they?”

Those who have ears should heed my advice, and those who have eyes should see properly. A man can’t tell the taste of poverty if he hasn’t experienced it.

This is also to enlighten on so many MLM systems out there. Some claim to be under the block chain system which they are not. So be careful and choose wisely when it comes to making money online a lot of them are scam.



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